Gifts for Female Graduate Students and Professors

Female Grad Student Professor Gifts

Gourmet Getaway Lunch ToteGourmet Getaway Lunch Tote

($20) This lunch tote is perfect for the professional woman who needs to eat lunch on the go. It keeps food hot or cold for four hours, is machine washable, and is designed to easily a hold a variety of container shapes and sizes. This would make a great gift for a female graduate student or professor.

Handmade Yarn BowlHandmade Yarn Bowl

($40) Knitting and crocheting have become a popular hobby for women, which makes a beautiful handmade yarn bowl the perfect present for females on your list who love making things with their hands. The bowl is available in six different colors.

Mother of Pearl Business Card Holder

Mother of Pearl Business Card Holder

($25) A female graduate student or professor is sure to have business cards. This mother of pearl business card holder will be a fashionable addition to the purse of any woman. Also available is a stainless steel and leather business card holder in 9 colors.

Ghiradelli Tower of Squares - Chocolate

Ghiradelli Tower of Squares (51 Chocolates)

($30) It’s an undisputed fact that women love chocolate, and female graduate students and professors are no exception. This chocolate gift set includes 51 different assorted, high-quality chocolates.


Balance Exercise Ball ChairBalance Exercise Ball Chair

($80) This balance exercise ball chair provides an innovative sitting experience, and is perfect for female grad students and professors. These chairs improve balance, help the user sit straight and tall, and are quite comfortable. A perfect present for the woman on your list.




Logitech Comfort LapdeskLogitech Comfort Lapdesk

($90) This lapdesk is the perfect way to hold the laptop: it protects the legs from excessive heat, improves posture and neck comfort, and can be used on a sofa, the bed, or the floor.


50 Year Calendar Keychain50 Year Calendar Chrome Keychain

($10) This keychain, with a chrome finish, has a fifty year calendar. You can find the day of the week for any date over a fifty year period by moving the dials to match up the month and the year. This keychain makes a clever, stylish gift for the female graduate student or professor on your list.


 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserUltrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

($60) Oil diffusers are a great way to reduce stress, help relaxation, and rejuvenate the mind and the body–all things that a female grad student or professor needs. This is a high capacity oil diffuser with auto shut-off and a soothing light.