Gifts for Male Graduate Students & Professors

Male graduate student & professor gifts

Samsonite Leather CaseSamsonite Colombian Leather Bag

($120-180) This high quality leather bag includes a padded laptop case and three pockets for peripherals. The shoulder pad is both removable and adjustable, to whatever a grad student or professor might need. The bag has hundreds of high ratings, and is sure to be a hit for the male on your list.

Beard Head Viking BeanieBeard Head Barbarian Pillager Beanie

($25-35) There are a million good reasons to stay warm and look like a barbarian pillager at the same time. There’s also a short beard version if you’re more of a neatly trimmed barbarian pillager. The beards are removable, by the way.


Infographic Guide to SportsInfographic Guide to Sports

($10-20) This book contains over eighty full-color infographics about sports, detailing surprising and engaging facts and stats about everything from badminton to karate, football to zorbing (what is that?). This book combines turns charts and information into an art form that’s sure to be loved by sports-fans who are also thinkers, whether graduate students or professors. And while female sports-fans would love this book as well, it’s sure to be a hit for the guy on your list.


Fine Fit Men's Stripe SocksFine Fit Men’s Stripe Colorful Cotton Socks

($30-40 for a 10/pack) They may not always admit it, but men like socks. Particularly fancy socks with awesome patterns. You can buy ten pairs or twelve pairs. Highly colorful, fashionable socks are sure to lead to greatness for the males on your gift list.


The Art of Manliness CollectionThe Art of Manliness Collection

($20-30) This awesome ornamental cigar box contains 2 manly books: The Art of Manliness and Manvotionals, along with 6 manly drink coasters to accompany something that will put hair on your chest. (The books really are great and insightful)


Emergency BowtieEmergency Bowtie (For All Formal Emergencies)

($5-10) Even the most casual male professor or a graduate student is sure to have formal emergencies: last minute speaking engagements, meetings with the Dean, thesis or dissertation defenses….you get the idea. This emergency bowtie features a metal attachment so it can be used at a moment’s notice. This gift is also sure to be greeted with a laugh when the package is opened.


Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

Gerber Bear Grylls Card

($20-30) This card tool provides all the essentials for survival in the wild, the city, or a university campus. The steel backed card is 3.4 by 2 inches and can fit in a wallet. The card tool includes a fine edge blade, a fire striker, a bottle opener, screwdrivers, a light, and standard and metric rulers. Why not give the men on your list a better chance of survival with this Gerber card tool?