Funny Gifts for Graduate Students & Professors

Funny Gifts for Graduate Students

What IfWhat If?

($10-15) What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurdly Hypothetical Questions is the bestseller from Randall Munroe, the creator of the XKCD comic. The book is great for its dozens and dozens of interesting (and hilarious) scenarios. The book itself is also wonderfully hardcover.

Ninjabread MenNinjabread Men Cookie Cutters

($5-10) Who knows when cookie ninjas may be needed? Suffice it to say, these cookie cutters will be good enough to equip you with a small army.


The Humor CodeThe Humor Code

($10-15) A new book that takes a somewhat theoretical look at what makes things funny across cultures. The main author actually runs a Humor Lab, so you know you’re in for an academic delight.


Emergency Bow Tie

Emergency Bowtie

($5-10) Sometimes in academia, you need to look the part. And if you’re an absent-minded professor, this could come in handy.



Lobster Claw Oven MittLobster Claw Oven Mitt

($5-10) What’s funnier than getting to be a lobster while you cook?  Maybe a shark, but that’s about it.



Fist Pen HolderFist Pen Holder

($15-20) You could use this fist to hold pens at your desk. Or maybe a small plant. Or a banana. Obviously, this is very versatile. (Plus the wrist is magnetic!)



Anne Taintor CalendarAnne Taintor 2015 Engagement Calendar

($10-20) 1950’s pictures with modern hilarious captioned dialogue make this an endless source of good humor.



Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill YouThe Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You

($15-20) This is an immensely satisfying (if not a bit grim) look at all of the possible calamities that might befall you. And for a graduate student, it’s a great reminder: things could always be worse!