Gifts for Math Graduate Students and Professors

Math Grad Student Professor GiftsAbacus NecklaceAbacus Necklace

($25) What better gift for the math student or professor than the original calculator–the abacus–in necklace form. The necklace is plated with 18 karat gold and features swarovski crystals.



Vintage Chinese AbacusVintage Chinese Wooden Abacus

($30) Continuing in the abacus theme, you can purchase a vintage Chinese wooden bead abacus. The abacus–the first calculator–was invented thousands of years ago in China. It comes in a wooden case with a leather surface. There’s also an instruction manual on how to perform bead arithmetic. This is perfect for the mathematics professor or graduate student who also teaches.

Mathematics CalendarThe Mathematics Calendar 2015

In this calendar, every day of the month includes a math problem, whose answer is the date. Every month features problems from arithmetic to calculus, and the joy comes in finding the best way to arrive at the answer. Each month also highlights the influence of math on an aspect of our lives, from art to architecture to the sciences. It’s a great brain teaser gift for any mathematics graduate student or professor.

Pi Pie Pan


Pi Pie Pan

($25) This Pi Pie Pan is perfect for the math geek. The Pie Pan is equivalent to a 9 inch pie, so you can use a standard amount of filling. 3.14159… will be even more delightful once a math grad student or professor has it in pie form.

Mathematics Formula MugMathematics Formula Mug

($14) This deep black mug is covered with some of history’s most important and famous mathematical formulas, from Newton’s Second Law to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. This is a great math-themed gift for a math grad student or professor.


Pi Pizza CutterPi Pizza Cutter

($25) This Pi Pizza Cutter comes in either black or red, and it’s a great way to slice pizza while starting a conversation about math. This novelty kitchen item is sure to be loved whether you’re shopping for a graduate student or professor.



Math CufflinksSquare and Protractor Cufflinks

($25) These metal cufflinks have a chrome finish and come in a velveteen gift box. They’re fashionable and themed, and sure to be worn for special occasions by either a mathematics graduate student or professor.



Mathematics ClockMathematics Blackboard Clock 

($25) This clock looks like a blackboard, and requires you to do math to tell the time. This is a novelty gift that is sure to be enjoyed by a mathematics graduate student or professor. This clock requires 1 AA battery (not included).