Gifts for Psychology Graduate Students and Professors

Psychology Graduate Student Professor Gifts50 Psychology Classics Book50 Psychology Classics

($10-15) This book provides an awesome overview of some of the major foundational works in psychology–the text and the people you’ve heard about your whole career (Skinner, Maslow, Jung, etc.), but haven’t necessarily read. This really is a fantastic book that captures enough of each work to make it interesting and memorable. The audio version is also narrated well, if you’re buying for the listening type.


Plush Brain Cell

Plush Brain Cell

($10-15) What could possibly more fun than a cuddly plush brain cell with eyes? It’s about 8 inches long, so while a body pillow-sized brain cell would be ideal, this is the next best thing.




Brain Ice CubesBrain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

($5-10) This is the kind of gift that says “I know you like brains. Now you can have more of them.” You can use this silicone mold for ice, jello, and even chocolate. Because who doesn’t like chocolate brains?

Inkblot PackThe Inkblot Pack

($15-20) The Inkblot Pack is a pretty neat package that includes a journal with some inspirational thoughts as well as 10 of the original Rorschach inkblot test cards, famous for testing just how messed up people are, based on their interpretations.



Freudian SlippersSomething Freudian

($10-30) If you’re looking for a psychology gift that pays homage to everyone’s favorite shrink, look no further. Freudian Slippers are easy on the feet. Or maybe you want something for the fingers, like Freud and Jung Puppets (complete with psychiatrist couch). The Pink Freud Mug is also pretty awesome.

Scientific American MindScientific American Mind

($20/yr) Scientific American Mind is a spin-off of the popular Scientific American magazine. A 1-year subscription is 6 issues of high-quality, but readable articles on the latest psychology research. The general consensus is that SciAm Mind is a better, more intelligent publication than the popularized Psychology Today.