Gifts for Music Graduate Students and Professors

Over the Door Note HangerOver-the-Door Note Hanger

($10-20) Every grad student or professor needs something to hang a jacket on. This one is particularly great because it has 3 hooks and is easy to hang.


TASCAM Digital RecorderTASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder

($90-120) The DR-05 has a reputation as one of the best consumer grade recording devices on the market. It’s not studio-grade, but it performs amazingly well compared to a phone.


Infographic Guide to MusicInfographic Guide To Music

($10-20) A really great visual guide to all kinds of music-related information. Makes for a perfect browsing book.


Stylophone Pocket SynthStylophone Retro Pocket Synth

($20-30) This stylus-operated synthesizer is perfect for someone who’s testing out tunes or just wants to have fun with electronic music.


Music Note Duct TapeMusical Duct Tape

($5-10) Duct tape with music notes.



Drumstick SpoonsMIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

($5-10) 5X better than regular drumsticks. 10X better than regular kitchen spoons.



SNARK SN-2 TunerSNARK SN-2 Tuner

($10-20) This little clip-on tuner is versatile enough to accommodate a whole range of instruments and pitches. This has incredibly high accuracy for the price.