Gifts for Medical School, Nursing Graduate Students and Professors

Medical School Student & Professor Gifts

Med School in a BoxMed School in a Box

($15) This metal box features a complete medical education, courtesy of Mental Floss magazine. The kit contains a comprehensive textbook, trading cards, a board exam, and a rolled college diploma with real Latin words. This is the perfect gag gift for students attending medical school or studying nursing, and is guaranteed to provide a lot of laughs.

Maxwell Quick Medical ReferenceMaxwell Quick Medical Reference

($6) For a more serious gift, this is a standard resource for health professionals. Whether a nurse, a doctor, or a medical student, this medical reference packs in information. Reviewers call it a “must have,” especially for clerkships, rotations, internships, and residencies.


True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

This anthology contains a moving collection of true stories from nurses. Everything from first births to first deaths to endlessly demanding shifts to what keeps them in the profession is described. This book is sure to both inspire and prepare a nursing student or a current nurse. Nursing professors are sure to find the book insightful as well.


Keep Calm I'm a NurseKeep Calm I’m a Nurse” Mug

What better way to play off the classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan than with a slightly bloody mug? Another great gift is the “I’m a nurse. What’s your superpower?” Mug and the “Trust Me: I’m a Medical Student” Mug.


Rosemary Book StandRosemary Book Stand

($45) Medical and nursing students don’t read books–they read tomes. The Rosemary Book Stand can be set on a table so you can read and take notes with ease while sitting comfortably in a chair. It’s designed to hold the heaviest and bulkiest books. For a less expensive, plastic version you can also purchase the highly-rated Transparent Book Stand.



Heartbeat SocksHeartbeat Socks (for Women)

($5) These socks would make a perfect gift for a female nursing student or medical student. These socks are cute and practical, and an easy conversation starter.


Bandage Sticky NotesBandage Sticky Notes

($10) These sticky notes shaped like band-aids are great for the aspiring (or practicing) nurse or doctor. There are 3 sizes of sticky notes, for a total of 120 sticky notes.


Prescription Coffee MugThe Prescription Coffee Mug

($10) The perfect gift for any coffee addict, this coffee mug will justify the drink. And if it’s self-prescribed by a nursing or medical student, or professor? Even better. This humorous gift is sure to be a hit. Also available is a beer prescription kooler and a 3-pack of a pill bottle shaped shot glass.