Gifts for Law School Students and Law Professors

Law Student Professor Gifts

Supreme Court MugSupreme Court Mug

($15) This mug features important cases that came before the Supreme Court. And it’s no ordinary mug: when a hot beverage is added, those who lost the cases disappear. This is a great gift for either a lawyer-to-be or a law professor. If you’re looking for a mug on the humorous side you can also purchase a Trust Me: I’m (Almost) a Lawyer Mug.


Livescribe SmartpenLivescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

($120) A smartpen allows you to write handwritten notes that are also recorded in digital form. In addition to digitizing notes, the Echo Smartpen records audio with easy playback, and creates searchable files. Notes and audio can also be easily sent to Evernote, OneNote, Facebook, and other programs. Smartpens tend to have mixed reviews: some people love them, some people don’t. But if the law student or professor you know adapts quickly to technology, this is one of the best rated smartpens on the market.


Law School in a BoxLaw School in a Box

($15) The perfect humorous gift for any law student, this box of cards features an entire law education, complete with trading cards, a mini textbook, a mini bar exam, a fake diploma, and other goodies.


Legal Decision Maker PaperweightLegal Decision Maker Paperweight

($20) This paperweight will make decisions for the weary lawyer, whether professor or student. Simply spin the paperweight and it provides a decision: guilty, not guilty, lie, plea bargain, settle, etc. This humorous gift is filled with 5 star reviews and is sure to be a hit for the legal professional on your list.



Leather PortfolioAlpine Swiss Genuine Leather Portfolio

($60) This portfolio features genuine leather and comes in black, brown, and gray. A folder inside is designed to carry an ipad or other tablet. The position of the writing pad can be easily switched to accommodate both right and left handed individuals. This classy portfolio is perfect for either a law student or professor. If you’re looking for a less expensive, non-leather alternative this black writers padfolio comes highly rated.


The New Yorker Book of Lawyer CartoonsThe New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

($20) This collection of 85 lawyer cartoons from The New Yorker is perfect for the law student or professor who doesn’t mind a laugh at his or her own profession. Make sure to pick up the hardcover edition for a normal book size; the paperback version is tiny and would need to be packaged with another book.

Mobile Projection Keyboard

 Portable Virtual Keyboard

($98) This device uses a safe laser to project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It can be paired with any device (phone, tablet, etc.) through Bluetooth technology. In addition to being able to type on any surface, you can use it as a virtual mouse. This will make a perfect gift for a law student or professor: lawyers are always on the move, and access to a virtual keyboard is sure to increase productivity.



Poetic JusticePoetic Justice: Legal Humor in Verse

($15) This book takes seventy vignettes from law practice life and renders them in verse. From law school to first jobs to strange clients to victories and disappointments, every aspect of law life is revealed with wry humor and poetry. The authors donate a portion of the proceeds to the The Womens Law Project of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.





Business Card CaseStainless Steel and Leather Business Card Case

($10) The outside of this business card case is stainless steel. The inside is leather. There are eight color combinations you can choose from, so you can find the perfect business card case for any law student or professor, male or female. The case comes in a free gift box.