Gifts for Film, Media Arts, and Screenwriting Graduate Students and Professors

Film Graduate Student Professor GiftsFilm ListographyFilm Listography: Your Life in Movie Lists

($20) This is the ultimate journal for the movie lover, and a way for the true film connoisseur to define their movie favorites. The book includes more than 70 lists that can be completed, from “favorite films of all times” to “favorite soundtracks” to “scenes that made you cringe.” A film or media arts graduate student or professor will certainly have opinions on the movies which belong in each of these lists.




Dry Erase Clapboard

Dry Erase Clapboard

($40) This clapboard is professional quality, designed to be used by filmmakers (it’s not just a cheap prop meant for tourists).  The clapboard is a great tool for keeping track of shots, and syncing audio and video if they’re recorded on separate tracks. Any dry erase marker can be used on this clapboard. It’s the perfect gift for the film grad student or professor, whether they’re making narrative or documentary films.


Name That Movie

Name That Movie: 100 Illustrated Movie Puzzles

Classic films are filled with iconic imagery and typography. This book of movie puzzles features imagery from 100 classic films. There are some puzzles in here that may even be able to stump a film professor or grad student. Whether someone is a film director, screenwriter, designer, or into film theory, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment.


Classic Movie MugClassic Movie Mug or Monty Python Quotes Mug

($15-20) The classic movie mug includes more than 2 dozen quotes from famous movies like Gone With the Wind and Star Wars to cult classics like Soylent Green. The Monty Phython quotes mug contains quotes from…you guessed, it, Monty Python (and is probably best gifted to Monty Python fans). Grad students, professors, and filmmakers alike are sure to enjoy sipping a hot beverage from one of these themed mugs. Both mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Lights Camera Action Decor

Lights, Camera, Action Decor

($6) If you’re throwing a party for a film graduate student or professor–whether it’s for graduation or a birthday–or if just want to provide him/her with fun decorations, you may want to consider this decoration set. It includes 12 pieces: 3 movie projectors, 3 clapper boards, and 6 additional swirls. Whether the recipient studies film theory, production, screenwriting, or documentary, it’s a perfect, easy gift, or a great gift add-on.


Filmmaker's HandbookThe Filmmaker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age

Graduate students and professors can always use another book in their collections. This guide to filmmaking is often considered a “Bible” in the field, and covers production, directing, editing, and film distribution. This will be a great book to both learn from, and, for professors, to share with students.




Gourmet Stovetop Popcorn PopperGourmet Stovetop Popcorn Popper Gift Set

($30) This 6 quart Whirley-Pop Popcorn popper consists of a sturdy aluminum pan with clip-on lid and stay-cool wooden handle. It comes with three kits–KettleKorn, Theater Popcorn, and Theater Popcorn with less salt and oil. It also comes with a recipe book, for making all sorts of popcorn. This gift is sure to delight any movie lover, whether a grad student or a professor. You may also consider giving additional corn for popping–this 4 pound container of white popcorn would do the trick.


The FlickThe Flick

($25) This book actually contains a play, but it’s a play about the movies, and it won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Film and theater have long been connected, and this play takes advantage of that in its telling of a rundown movie theater in Massachusetts with three underpaid employees. It’s a tale about the power of movies to transform and transcend the everyday, and well worth the read.