Gifts for Engineering Graduate Students and Professors

Engineering Grad Student & Professor Gifts1001 Inventions that Changed the World1001 Inventions that Changed the World

($25) This beautifully illustrated book is a great gift for any graduate student or professor who loves engineering and the way it can change the world. This book goes in-depth on 1001 key inventions, and would make a great coffee table book or reference book. It’s 960 pages long, with images and diagrams for every invention, and will provide countless hours of reading pleasure.




Solar Fire LighterSolar Spark Lighter and Survival Tool

($15) Every engineer needs a few survival tools, especially if he or she is the outdoor type. This tool focuses the sun’s rays to quickly start a fire. This solar powered lighter can also be used to demonstrate solar thermal energy, which could be useful for a professor or graduate student to use for a teaching demonstration. This gift is a must for anyone who loves fire.


Engineering an Empire Collector's EditionEngineering an Empire: The DVD Series

($35) This set of 7 DVDs traces the history of the great civilizations through their feats of engineering. From ancient Egypt to Greece to Carthage to Rome, this set of 14 documentaries examines the great architectural and engineering triumphs. It’s a must watch for the engineering student or professor who loves history.





Caliper PenMessograf Caliper Pen

($30) This ballpoint pen is much more than just a pen. It also includes a caliper rule, a tire tread gauge, a ruler, and a thread scale. This instrument is built out of chromium-plated brass. This pen includes an instruction sheet, and when you run out of ink you can replace the ink with a standard pen refill. This novelty item is sure to be a hit for any engineer.


Tetris Sticky NotesTetris Sticky Notes

($12) Who said that sticky notes couldn’t be cool? These tetris sticky notes will be sure to delight the engineering graduate student or professor. This pack comes with 8 different shapes of sticky notes, with 100 sticky notes of each shape.



Tesla TechTesla T-Shirt

($20) Nikola Tesla is one of the heroes of engineers. This t-shirt is sure to be a hit for the graduate student or professor on your list.



Great Modern StructuresGreat Modern Structures: 100 Years of Engineering Genius

($35) This hardcover book filled with full-color images profiles over 60 of the most amazing structures built in the last 100 years. While this book includes iconic, famous structures, it focuses on buildings with innovative construction methods, sites, or purposes. It includes technical details about the structures, which makes it a perfect coffee-table book for engineering graduate students and professors.



Engineer's Motto T-ShirtEngineer’s Motto T-Shirt

($25) This t-shirt may be humorous, but it’s also true. This shirt comes in every size, and is sure to be well-worn by an engineering graduate student or professor.



Mathematics ClockMathematics Blackboard Clock

($25) This clock looks like a blackboard, and requires you to do math to tell the time. This is a novelty gift that is sure to be enjoyed by an engineering graduate student or professor, because as everyone knows, engineers love math. This clock requires 1 AA battery (not included).