Gifts for Design Graduate Students and Professors

Design Graduate Student Professor GiftsPencil StylusDeluxe Pencil Stylus

($65-70) This is the premiere digital stylus, designed specifically for the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and the iPad 3 and 4. It links to the iPad device using Bluetooth. You can rest your hand on the screen, blend lines, erase, and basically forget that you are drawing on a tablet. It comes in two colors: walnut and graphite.



The Design of Everyday ThingsThe Design of Everyday Things

($15) This book argues for product design that incorporates cognitive psychology, focusing on the needs of the user. This is a classic text that every designer needs to read. This is a new, recently updated edition, with new examples about design and product development.







($20) Helvetica is a feature-length documentary film about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. Interviewees include some of the most important names in graphic design. Entertaining, educating, enlightening film that makes you reconsider the visual world around you. It’s a perfect gift for a student learning about design, or for a professor, who could show it in a class.





Decomates ClockDecoMates Silent Wall Clock

($25-30) Stylish and classy, these clocks don’t tick, so they won’t interrupt sleep or work. You can select from dozens of colors and designs. This could look good in an office or a bedroom.



Triangle NotesTriangle Sticky Notes

($10) Designers–whether graduate students or professors–are often inspired by designed products. A nice notebook and pen can be better for ideas, and so can creative sticky notes. These triangle sticky notes come in six neon colors.



World Map Text PosterWorld Map – Text Poster

This world map will look awesome in the office of a design graduate student or professor. Each country is represented in bright and colorful typography.





100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design

($20) This looks at the most important ideas that influenced graphic design. It covers everything from technical to stylistic to the methods of graphic design. This is an engaging book that a graduate student or professor is sure to enjoy.




Just Type 2015 CalendarA 2015 Typography Calendar

($15-25) For someone who loves typography or design, how about a themed calendar? The Just Type 2015 Wall Calendar focuses on 12 of the most distinctive and historic typefaces. 365: A 2015 Typography Calendar comes in standard and large sizes. And finally, Typodarium 2015 provides a daily tear-off calendar, featuring different fonts and quotes every day.


Best American Infographics 2014The Best American Infographics: 2014

($15-20) 160 pages of the best infographics created during 2014. From serious to playful, these infographics are enlightening, not only in regards to their content, but also in their form and design. This up-to-date collection will be perfect for the design graduate student or professor on your list.