Gifts for Business Professors and MBA Students

Business Professor & MBA Gift Ideas

Leather Padfolio

C.R. Gibson Leather Padfolio

($15-25) This beautiful bonded leather folio is a great gift for business professors or students. It looks very professional and will probably earn points during meetings, conferences, etc.



Dilbert Calendar 2015Dilbert Day-to-Day Calendar

($10-15) Dilbert doesn’t seem to age with time-possibly because the corporate business world will never run out of things to laugh at. A comic for every day of the year is a solid gift.

 HBR's Must Reads Boxed SetHarvard Business Review’s Must Reads Boxed Set

($80-90) This beautiful boxed set of 6 books contains collections of some of the classic articles published in HBR on topics like strategy, leadership, and self-management by the world’s experts. For now, you can find the set about $40 cheaper on Amazon than HBR’s own website.

Stock Market Paper WeightStock Market Decision Maker

($20-25) If you’re going to give a paperweight, might as well make it the best paperweight in the world. This one spins and points to whether you should buy, sell, take a short position, etc. While probably not ideal for actual trading, it’s a great desk piece.


One Minute ManagerThe One Minute Manager

($10-15) A short, but effective book on management, The One Minute Manager is a classic that knocks the basics out of the park. Everyone in business needs a book like this they can get behind, recommend, or loan out because over a lifetime, there will many new managers that need advice. It’s good to have something ready.




Bronze bear and bull bookendsBear and Bull Bookends

($50-60) It doesn’t matter how you feel about the market. These bronze-plated bear and bull bookends are a beautiful, functional piece for a desk or bookshelf. The quality is pretty high for the price.