Gifts for Art and Art History Graduate Students and Professors

Art Grad Student Professor GiftsThe Thinker Bookends1. The Thinker Bookends

($35-40) Featuring one of the most famous sculptures, Rodin’s The Thinker, this bookend pair is made of hand painted polyresin and has a weathered bronze finish. It’s a perfect gift for the graduate student or professor who loves art history.


The Artist's Magazine2. The Artist’s Magazine and other subscriptions

($25-35) People still read magazines, because there’s something irreplaceable about holding paper in your hands, especially when what’s printed on that paper is great, timely content. There are a number of magazines that would interest art graduate students and professors. The Artist’s Magazine is designed for art students and teachers of all levels, and has high reviews. Watercolor Artist has watercolor instruction, new techniques, creative inspiration, and timely news about watercolor painting. And The Pastel Journal features gorgeous reproductions, interviews, essays, and technique columns, all focused on the use of pastels.


Brief History of Art Mug3. Brief History of Art Mug

($15) This mug features 24 images which represent the evolution of art over time. Everyone needs a mug for hot drinks, and this is mug is perfect for an art history graduate student or professor (or really, any art lover).



Understanding Comics4. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

($15-20) This book is perfect for the graduate student who is interested in popular art. This book is not only about comics, but about the history of art, design, and the visual image.




Starry Night Puzzle5. Starry Night and Other Iconic Art Puzzles

($20-30) Many lovers have secret desires to handle great works of art, yet they faithfully resist the temptation. Gift your art lover a classic art puzzle and they won’t have to. In addition to Van Gogh’s Starry Night (a 1000 piece puzzle), there are puzzles for Hokusai’s Great Wave (a 1000 piece puzzle), Monet’s Water Lily Pond (a 1000 piece puzzle), and Picasso’s Guernica (a 3000 piece puzzle).


Decorative Serving Tray6. Decorative Serving Tray

($30-35) This is an intricate, carved rosewood and brass tray. This tray works great for serving at parties and events, or as a decoration in a kitchen. The design and detail will appeal to the art student or professor, and will be both a distinctive and classy gift.

 7. Floating U Shelf Set CroppedFloating U Shelf Set

($30-45) This 3-piece shelf set is perfect for a home, a professor’s office, or a dorm. It’s great for displaying your art lover’s collectibles or decorative items. The shelves are a walnut color and easy to install. Or if you’re interested in a larger shelf, you can gift a large corner wall mount shelf, which costs slightly more but also has great reviews.

Van Gogh Art Stickers8. Art Stickers

($2-3 each) Stickers featuring classic works of art are perfect for stocking stuffers at Christmas or for an add-on to a gift any time of the year. You can buy stickers featuring the works of Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Dali, and dozens of other famous artists.