Gifts for Architecture Graduate Students and Professors

Architecture Grad Student & Professor GiftsBurj Khalifa Lego SetLego Architecture

($20-$150) Name a well-known world structure and there’s probably a Lego version of it ready to build. Find everything from the White House to the Burj Khalifa. Ones on the upper end of the scale are pretty involved.


Field Guide to American HousesA Field Guide to American Houses

($30-40) This 880-page giant was originally published in 1984 but was updated last year. This basically contains everything anyone ever wanted to know about the American home–the history, styles, materials, and influential trends over time.

Blue Architecture MugThe Great Architecture Mug

($10-15) This bold blue mug has architectural plans for 10 of the world’s most famous buildings. The mug itself has a high quality matte finish.


Neutra Complete WorksNeutra: Complete Works

($45-50) This beautiful book captures the work of modern architect, Richard Neutra, with over 1000 photos of houses, schools, and other buildings he designed. This makes for a really great source of inspiration.


Black Architect ScaleAlvin and Co. Black Architect Scale

($15-25) An architect scale would make a great grad student or professor gift, but considering many architects already own something basic, this black aluminum version is especially eye catching and will probably become the go-to.


The Architect Says BookThe Architect Says

($10-15) A fun collection of sayings and quips about architects and architecture. There’s nothing else like this out there.