Gifts for Chemistry Graduate Students and Professors

Caffeine MugCaffeine Molecule Mug or Laboratory  Shot Glasses

($15-25) Everyone needs a good drink holder. The caffeine molecule mug is a perfect way for your chemistry friend or professor to hold hot drinks. This beaker mug will also be loved by chemistry graduate students. Or if you’d rather, you can get a 4-set of laboratory shot glasses, which are sure to be a hit for any science graduate student.


American ScientistAmerican Scientist Magazine

($30) American Scientist is well-known as the best magazine for scientists–whether someone studies physics, chemistry, biology, it is the source for current information. Written by scientists, American Scientist is not dumbed down for the general public, so is perfect for a graduate student or professor who wants to stay on top of the latest scientific developments. Another magazine subscription you could gift is Popular Science. As the name suggests, it’s a less technical magazine, more focused towards the general public.



DNA Reversible Winter ScarfDNA Reversible Winter Scarf

($25) This scarf features the DNA helix. It’s reversible, with either a black or a dark green background. Made from high quality Icelandic yarn, this gift is sure to be a hit for a science graduate student or professor, regardless of field.



Albert Einstein Flash DriveFlash Drives and Bobble Heads

($25-30) Albert Einstein is one of the fathers of modern physics, so what better way to celebrate him than with a 4 GB flash drive? You can also buy a Albert Einstein Bobble Head, which will look great in a car or on a desk. Or for your biology student or professor, pick up a Charles Darwin Bobble Head.



Test Tube VaseTest Tube Vase

($30-35) This stunning test tube vase has a cast iron stand and features three glass test tubes. This is an elegant gift for the scientist on your list, whether you’re shopping for a biology, chemistry, or physics graduate student or professor. Flowers not included.



Cooking for GeeksCooking for Geeks

This book focuses on the science behind cooking. The full title is Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food. This funny and informative book goes into the chemistry of what makes food work. It provides awesome recipes, along with the skills you need to invent your own. The book also includes interviews with food scientists and chefs, and is sure to be a hit with the grad student or professor who also loves food.



Giving Tree Sticky NotesGiving Tree Sticky Notes

($20) These premier sticky notes are shaped like a tree stump. As you take off a sticky note, the tree just keeps on giving. Perfect for a biology graduate student or professor, or anyone who loves nature.



Periodic Table PenPeriodic Table Pen

($10) This pen features a pull out chart, with the periodic table on the front and a reference chart on the back. This pen is perfect for a chemistry graduate student.


Science Cookie CuttersScience Cookie Cutters

($30) These science cookie cutters are great for any science geek. This four-set features an atom, a flask, a beaker, and a test-tube, which will make awesome, edible science creations.



Double Helix EarringsSterling Silver DNA Double Helix Earrings

($45) Whether a graduate student or professor studies physics, chemistry, or biology, she is sure to love these sterling silver double helix earrings. These earrings are high quality, with elegant design, and have high customer ratings.